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Zendaya Referred to Tom Holland as Her Boyfriend in Public, Finally

And that's not even the sweetest part.

The world has known that Zendaya and Tom Holland were a thing since long before they first allowed themselves to be photographed kissing in public or started posting cheesy birthday messages to each other on Instagram. But even after going technically public with their relationship, this interview with Zendaya after her big Emmy win is, many believe, the first time she's referred to Holland as her “boyfriend” in the media. 

In the clip, which you can see here, the interviewer asks Zendaya who was the first person she texted after winning the Emmy for lead actress in a drama for Euphoria. The actor caveated that she didn't text her mom, who was there with her, and said, “And I texted my boyfriend.” Ever discreet, Zendaya did not say, “And I texted my boyfriend, Tom Holland, also known as Spider-Man and Lip Sync Battle world champ, because I love him and he loves me.” But we all know that's what she meant, right?

Zendaya and Holland's relationship was first confirmed in 2021, when they were spotted making out in the front seat of a car at a red light by paparazzi photographers, per Page Six, but the rumors about Tomaya started all the way back in 2017 when they met on the Spider-Man set, where they were costars. 

While never the most PDA-heavy couple to begin with, since the cat was let out of the bag, Zendaya and Holland have been slowly letting the public in on their relationship, mostly because Holland can't stop gaping at her with slack-jawed admiration every time they're in the same room together. Same, Tom. Same.