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Quinta Brunson Exposed 'Bridesmaid Cults’ During Hilarious Saturday Night Live Hosting Debut

The Abbott Elementary star killed it. 

Quinta Brunson, the Emmy-winning creator and star of Abbott Elementary, just made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut. Obviously, it was as hilarious as you would expect.

On April 1, Brunson kicked off the night with a monologue that highlighted the differences between her award-winning comedy series and the hit '90s sitcom Friends. “[Abbot Elementary is] a network sitcom like, say, Friends,” she said, per Deadline. “Except, instead of being about a group of friends, it’s about a group of teachers. Instead of New York, it’s in Philadelphia and instead of not having Black people, it does.”

Before moving on from her monologue, which featured a video of Brunson hanging out with President Barack Obama, Brunson got serious with an important plea: “Please, remember how important teachers are,” she said. “Acknowledge the work they do every day and for the love of God, pay them the money they deserve.”

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From there, Quinta Brunson was featured in a series of hilarious sketches, though my personal favorite was “Bridesmaid Cult Documentary,” a harrowing true-crime exposé on the dangerous and financially draining side of wedding parties. "It all started with a box on my doorstep. And a note," SNL castmembers Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim explained at the top of the documentary trailer. 

Brunson continued, “I just got this feeling that it wasn't the kind of question you could say no to.”

The question, of course, is, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Throughout the parody documentary trailer, Brunson and the SNL cast—including breakout star Bowen Yang—revealed the dark sides of joining a bridal party. “Each year more than six million women fall into this cult," a supposed expert explained. “They prey on vulnerable groups like college roommates and sisters-in-law.”

The sketch went in on expensive bachelorette party “rituals” and sociopathic maids of honor, with Brunson highlighting one age-old lie told by brides across the world. “I spent $300 on a bridesmaid's dress,” she said. “The bride swore I'd find other times to wear it. Like, where am I going that calls for a floor-length light blue chiffon gown with a modest neckline? Nowhere.” 

You can watch the full sketch here: