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Olivia Wilde Celebrated Her 39th Birthday by Revealing Her Butt Tattoo

She got it when she was barely a teenager.

Olivia Wilde celebrated her 39th birthday by revealing the tattoo she's had for 26 years: a dragon. On her butt.

Though her actual b-day was two weeks ago, Wilde posted about it on the March 21, writing, “39 and feeling fine. Thanks for the birthday love. I milked it for way too long and it’s been great. Here’s to whatever’s next. Probably not another tramp stamp but who knows. #shameless #howdareshe #thehorror ♥️,” alongside a black-and-white photo of herself and a friend (identified by Page Six as Molly Howard) on the beach. (See it here.)

Yup, that's a dragon on her derriere.

The Don't Worry Darling director got the tattoo, her first, when she was just 13, as she explained to Craig Ferguson in 2017:

“I have a bad-tattoo club if you want to be in it,” she told the host. “I have a tattoo of a dragon that I got when I was 13…. I was in New York City. I thought it was a great idea. [Dragons] had a lot of meaning at the time, but now it’s hideous."

She told Ferguson it was on her “lower lower lower lower back. Not a tramp stamp. Over to the right. It’s an ass stamp,” though I guess now she thinks it's a tramp and ass stamp, which seems fine.

Fortunately, Wilde's other tattoos aren't so regrettable (though personally I think the dragon is fun!). She has delicate designs on her inner forearms representing the Libra and Taurus constellations, the signs of her daughter and son, respectively, courtesy of celeb tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

But she might be going under the needle again soon. After taking a selfie with Jennifer Coolidge, Wilde wrote on Instagram that she was “moving this pic to the grid and then to a chest tattoo most likely.”

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