15 Best Luxury Sex Toys That Are Worth Every Penny 2023
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15 Best Luxury Sex Toys That Are Worth the Investment

Your body is a temple.

Wash your toy according to the instructions before and after each use, both experts say, to keep it (and your sexual health) in top shape. Plenty of luxury sex toys come with storage bags or cases, so use those to protect your purchase from dust, scratches, and contaminants. Whenever you charge your toy, make sure you use the cord it came with; using the wrong one could end up damaging the battery, Frye-Nekrasova explains, as could leaving the toy on the charger for an extended period of time.

Although you can opt to use your vibrator without personal lubricant, a little bit of slip never hurts. When you use lube, though, pay attention to materials, Frye-Nekrasova warns: Water-based lube is safe to use with all toys, but silicone-based lube can actually cause silicone toys to break down. (If something does happen to your toy, make sure you keep your warranty information on hand, along with a copy of your receipt, Finn recommends.)

Now that you know what to look for, these are the very best luxury sex toys to add to your collection, from picks with six motors to vibes worthy of Goldfinger.

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