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Love Is Blind Season 4: Are Bliss Poureetezadi and Zack Goytowski Still Together?

She gave him a second chance—but will they make it?

Out of all the successful couples on Love Is Blind, we've never seen one that involved a midseason switch before. Now that Bliss Poureetezadi and Zack Goytowski—spoiler warning—are engaged, they could create Netflix history if they say “I do” at the altar. So…do they? Let's dig in and find out.  

But before we cover everything we know about Bliss and Zack's relationship and its latest status, get to know the couple a little better. (PS: We also checked in with Tiffany and Brett, Micah and Paul, Chelsea and Kwame, and Jackelina and Marshall.)

Who are they?

Bliss Poureetezadi, 33, is a senior program manager who said in her Netflix profile that she's looking for “someone that loves me for who I am and not for how I look.” (A nice sentiment, but I can't imagine anyone having a hard time loving Bliss for her looks too—she's gorgeous.) On Instagram, she also describes herself as a pet mom, a yogi, and an explorer. 

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Zack Goytowski, 31, is a criminal defense attorney with, according to his Netflix profile, “high standards.” He originally proposed to Irina Solomonova in the pods, only to break up after a disastrous trip to Mexico. 

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What went down on the show?

Zack had a connection in the pods with Bliss…and one with Irina. Drama! Making it worse was the fact that the women seemed to be total opposites, an issue that came to a head on Zack's birthday. TL; DR: Bliss made him cupcakes; Irina totally forgot it was his birthday.

“You're right that you know her in a different way,” Bliss tells Zack later. “I see her in capacities that you don't. You see her in capacities that I don't. I just see things that aren't good.”

Bliss seems like the obvious choice, but Zack decides to propose to Irina instead. It didn't go well, however, and the two had broken up by the end of their trip to Mexico. When he returns to Seattle, he asks Bliss to meet and admits he made a mistake. Surprisingly, she agrees to start dating again. And when he proposes during one of those dates, she says yes. 

Did they get married?

We're not sure…yet! We'll know for sure when the Love Is Blind finale airs on Friday, April 14, and we'll make sure to update this post after. 

But are they still together?

Again, we'll have to keep you posted. Stay tuned!