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Joey King Reportedly Fired Back at Her Ex Jacob Elordi Over His Kissing Booth 2 Comments

He said he hasn't seen their Netflix sequel.

Joey King seemingly called out her ex-boyfriend and costar Jacob Elord after he claimed he hasn't seen their Netflix movie The Kissing Booth 2.

The actor, who plays Noah Flynn in the film, told Variety that he hasn't watched the sequel, which premiered on the streaming network July 24. "I haven’t seen it," Elordi said. “You’ve seen more than I have. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but I haven’t.”

He went on to kinda-sorta-definitely shade the film by telling the interviewer to “be honest” when they said they liked the rom-com. 

Elordi's quotes quickly made headlines and appear to have inspired a reaction from King, who couldn't help but fire back at his interview comments in a since deleted tweet. “Jacob watched it. He's capping,” she wrote, according to Us Weekly. (Capping is slang for lying, BTW.)

The exes started dating in 2017, soon after they first met and worked together on the first Kissing Booth movie. King opened up to Bello magazine about how their relationship began. 

"Was it love at first sight? Well, I thought he was very cute when we first met, but it started as a friendship," she said in 2018. "Right away we were talking about gross things with each other. But before long I started to realize, Hey, I think I kind of like this person!”

“It was such an interesting experience meeting your boyfriend on set because you spend so much time together and become so close so fast,” King added. “We were spending 17 hours a day together, and all of us would hang out after work and watch movies together and stuff. It was great.”

They reportedly broke up after one year, but Elordi and King still had to share the screen to play a couple in the movie's sequel. 

Currently, the pair are both said to have moved on with other costars. Rumors recently started flying that Joey King is dating her Kissing Booth 2 costar Taylor Zakhar Perez, who plays her other potential love interest, Marco Peña, when the pair were photographed on vacation together.

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As for Elordi, he's been romantically linked to his Euphoria costar Zendaya after they were spotted kissing in New York City. The pair have yet to publicly confirm whether they're an item, though. 

No matter who's dating who, we hope Elordi finally got a chance to watch The Kissing Booth 2.