Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
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Jennifer Lopez Wore Stunning Neon Yellow to Accompany the Hubs to His Movie Premiere

You already know J.Lo never misses.

For this movie premiere, Jennifer Lopez Affleck was the supportive spouse on the red carpet, while her husband, Ben Affleck, celebrated the release of his latest movie, Air, rather than the other way around. And she looked gorgeous while doing it, obviously. 

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Mrs. Affleck, styled by Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn of R&M, wore a floor-length Antonio Grimaldi couture gown, with a mermaid silhouette and a skirt in a shocking shade of canary yellow. The dress's bodice, a sheer illusion mock-turtleneck embellished with crystals, was hardly more subdued. The jewels, per Zangardi's Instagram post, were by Shiphra Jewelry.

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On the red carpet Affleck gushed about his wife to Entertainment Tonight, “She's brilliant, and helps me in every conceivable way.” It's hardly the first time the actor has praised his “brilliant” partner. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck said Lopez's support for him during the making of this film went far beyond just emotional. “Oh my God, she’s brilliant,” he said. “She is incredibly knowledgeable about the way fashion evolves through the culture as a confluence of music, sports, entertainment and dance. She helped me in talking about the way in which a part of the reason why Jordans [the shoes] were so meaningful is because culture and style in America is 90% driven by Black culture.”

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Jennifer Lopez also got a special shout-out in Affleck's introduction of the film, which is about the (literally) game-changing partnership between Michael Jordan and Nike, which Affleck himself cowrote and directed. “I want to say that none of it would be possible—this company, this movie, this joy tonight—without the love and support of my wife who means more to me than anything in the world,” he said, per The Hollywood Reporter. “I want to say thank you. I love you. You mean the world to me.”