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Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skin Is Finally Here—And We Tried It All

Bieber wants to make “yummy skin” accessible for all. 

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Hailey Bieber has been teasing her skin-care brand, Rhode Skin, for what feels like an eternity—a trademark filed here, a lab sample slipped into a TikTok there, strategically placed glazed donut emojis all over Instagram. After months of waiting, the line is finally available to shop.

Rhode features a thoughtful curation of three products: the Barrier Repair Cream, a rich moisturizer; Peptide Glazing Fluid, a “dewy glow in a bottle”; and the Peptide Lip Balm. Much like Hailey’s style, the packaging is minimal, with a slight callback to the early ’00s. What else? Each product clocks in at under $30. 

Fans may be surprised that the line is a small collection, but Bieber explains that she wanted it to be very curated and edited. “I wanted it to be just go-to essentials,” she tells Glamour. “I also have this ethos of making ‘one of everything really good,’ and where I get that thought from is the way that I curate and edit my wardrobe as well—that one perfect pair of jeans you keep reaching for, that one perfect T-shirt you keep going back to because of the fit. That’s how I feel about skin care as well. That one perfect moisturizer you keep going back to and reaching for because it’s tried and true, and a great formula, and it’s doing exactly what you need it to do.”

Courtesy of Rhode Skin 

Bieber chose to focus on hydration for the first launch because of its universal appeal. “I’m somebody who’s on the move all the time, so if I had to pin it down, what would be the three things I absolutely need on a flight?” she says. “Can’t live without it, has to be in my bag—that’s how I think about the edit of the skin care.”

Bieber credits the experts she’s constantly surrounded by, as well as her mom and grandmother—both of whom she shares the middle name Rhode with—as major influences on the line. When she was growing up, her family always taught her the importance of self-care and even imbued Bieber with her love of hydration. “Getting out of the shower or the bath as a kid, my mom would slather my body head to toe with so much hydration. And I feel like that sticks with you as you get older.”

Stevie Dance 

Her obsession with skin care only grew as she got older, and after being asked about what she uses on her skin all the time, she decided a skin-care brand would be the best next step. “I feel like I’ve really developed my beauty philosophy over the last eight years,” she says. “And during the pandemic, I really had the opportunity to dive into learning about my favorite ingredients and really honing in on and figuring out what I love in the skin-care space.” 

While it’s tempting to write off Rhode as just another celebrity brand, Bieber has put in the work. Over the pandemic she immersed herself in the skin-care world, both behind the scenes and across her social media presence, chatting with experts like Dr. Barbara Sturm on Instagram Live. She had conversations with top experts in the field, and eventually built an advisory board, including dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, and cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson. She is also the majority owner of the brand and isn’t backed by a cosmetics incubator the way many celeb brands are. 

Bieber had a clear vision, from the formulas themselves to the look of the brand. “The two biggest things are my obsession with the formulas and the ingredients, and the aesthetic of the brand,” she says. “I’m coming from the modeling world and the fashion space, so I really wanted to bring that easy, cool, sporty, chic, editorial vibe to a skin-care beauty brand.” 

Part of that vibe is the brand’s unofficial mascot: the glazed donut. Bieber declared 2022 the year of glazed donut skin with an extremely dewy selfie, and since then, the donut emoji has popped up on several of her posts, including the brand’s announcement. “With skin care, you equate it to something that feels yummy. For me, it’s always been a freshly dipped glazed donut, like fresh Krispy Kreme out of the box. There’s that glaze coating. I want my whole body to feel like a glazed donut, yummy from head to toe.” 

Stevie Dance 

It’s clear that for Bieber, skin care is self-care. This is why her brand is bigger than just products. “I want people to feel like they are included in something that feels cool and essential and aesthetically pleasing to them,” she says. “It’s not just a skin-care brand, it’s the world of Rhode and everyone’s invited. I want people to feel included and I want them to feel like they are getting access to amazing skin care.”

To celebrate the launch of Rhode Skin, I put the entire line to the test. Read on for my honest review. 

Rhode Skin Peptide Glazing Fluid

The brand’s most unique offering is the Peptide Glazing Fluid, a hydrating serum Bieber calls a “dewy glow in a bottle.” As the name suggests, it’s packed with peptides to plump skin and smooth lines, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, marula oil for barrier repair, and niacinamide for texture and tone. It’s a gel-serum with what Bieber describes as an “interesting, different, amazing texture.” 

I would have to agree—it has a cushy texture, more akin to a light lotion than a traditional serum. My skin drinks this stuff right up. It sinks in easily with zero greasy residue and instantly makes my skin feel dewier and bouncier. I’ve been dealing with some flakes as a side effect of Accutane, and this has helped smooth them over and juice up my skin in general. I love that the whole line is fragrance-free, as my skin is sensitive, and this product didn’t break me out. I’m also into Rhode’s packaging—it reminds me of the defunct Prada skin-care line—but this product has my favorite look of the bunch. 

While Bieber couldn’t pick one product as her favorite, she did say, “If I had to continuously reach for one thing, it’s definitely the Peptide Glazing Fluid. It’s our universal moisture It girl.”

Rhode Skin Peptide Glazing Fluid

Rhode Barrier Restore Cream

Like any good skin-care obsessive, Bieber is very conscious of her skin barrier, which is where the Barrier Restore Cream—or BRC, as she calls it—comes in. The BRC is a thick reparative cream, made to comfort, soothe, and restore the skin. It features many of the same ingredients as the Glazing Fluid, like peptides and niacinamide. It also has shea butter to soften and moisturize, squalene to soothe and hydrate, and acai for antioxidant protection. You can use the cream on its own, but Bieber said she designed it to be layered with the serum. 

I really liked the texture of this cream. It left me with a dewy glow that my coworkers could see over Zoom, but it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. It feels like a hug for your skin, and instantly quelled any redness and irritation I was experiencing. It works well with sunscreen and makeup, and though I would love a little more moisture overnight while I’m on Accutane, I can see this being my 24/7 fave as soon as my skin is back to normal. 

Rhode Barrier Restore Cream

Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment 

The final product in Rhode’s lineup is the Peptide Lip Treatment, a thick, glossy balm for plumper and softer lips. “It’s a great layer for sealing in and moisture, especially at night if you sleep with it on,” says Bieber. “But also I use it with a liner like a gloss too.” The balm comes in three flavors: Watermelon Slice, Salted Caramel (my favorite), and Unscented. It has peptides, shea butter, and cupuacu and babassu extracts to moisturize. The consistency feels pillowy and luxe, and it leaves behind a really pretty shine. I personally prefer more of a waxy-textured balm for serious hydration, but I’ve been loving using this as an alternative for lip gloss when I want a little extra oomph of hydration.  

Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment

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