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Daisy Jones & the Six: How to Recreate Those Glam ’70s Beauty Looks

The show's hair and makeup designers spill the tea on exactly what products they used.

Daisy Jones & the Six, which follows the rise and fall of a fictional ’70s rock band of the same name, has all it needs to keep us glued to the edge of our seats. There's a toxic love triangle, plenty of ’70s fashion, nostalgic shimmer-soaked makeup, smudged-out eyeliner, and Pinterest-worthy hair looks that have left us hankering for this lost era long after the credits roll on the Amazon Prime series

We spoke to the hair and makeup designers who created Daisy, Camila, and Karen’s iconic looks for insider tips and the products they used on the set of the show. (As for the style? Don’t miss our interview with costume designer Denise Wingate.)

Daisy Jones

Hair: Daisy, played by actor Riley Keough, is based on the Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks. “Daisy is so wild, sexy, and full of life,” says MaryAnn Hennings, Daisy Jones & the Six hair stylist.

“Think beautiful long wavy hair that would flow in the wind and go wild while dancing. By sticking with the iconic ’70s bangs, I was able to utilize Riley’s natural wave and add or remove curl, texture, and volume to create many different looks based on the script.”

Riley Keough as Daisy in Daisy Jones & the Six

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Daisy’s bright red hair also fits with this narrative. “Riley saw Daisy as a redhead, and I completely agreed," says Hennings. “It shows a nonconventional wild side, her confidence, and her strong personality; the kind of person that knows who she is and owns it.”

When styling Keogh’s hair, Hennings would apply a heat protectant spray such as Olaplex No.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum before using a diffuser to blow-dry the hair. “It was important for me to get the most out of Riley’s natural hair, as she has a lot of it,” Hennings says. “From there I would add volume with Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray.” 

For Daisy’s signature curls, Hennings used the Dyson Airwrap, “sometimes using three different sizes [of barrels] to get that ’70s natural wave.”

Makeup: According to Rebecca Wachtel, who created the makeup looks on the show, “Daisy is not someone who puts herself together too much. She’s breaking away from the confines of her parents and their wealthy background.”

Daisy’s makeup journey reflects her rise to stardom throughout the series, as well as her drug use. “Daisy starts off as a natural sunkissed beauty, whose natural rosy glowing skin was a collection of cream-based products that I could blend on her face,” says Wachtel. ”Depending on the mood or where her character was at, I would add or take away different elements.” Wachtel’s go-to products were Sol Cream Bronzers, Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation, Julie Hewitt Cheekie in Rosie, and RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Enchanted for the cheeks and bridge of nose, and a swipe of Kosas Kosassport Lipfuel in Rush over the mouth. 

“As Daisy becomes famous, I took inspiration from an Avon ad from 1975,” Wachtel says, referencing a soft wash of eye shadow across the lid in an elongated cat-eye shape. “I thought it would fit Riley’s eye shape well.” 

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Wachtel leaned on this design for the iconic scene in which Daisy is wearing a winged dark blue and silver costume and is falling back into the crowd. “Daisy is wearing blue eye shadow and a red lip, and her face has the glow of performance on it,” Wachtel says, adding that this is her favorite makeup moment of the series for Daisy. 

For the eyes, Wachtel applied MAC Eyeshadow in Triennial Wave over the lid and topped it with a wash of Stila Magnificent Metals in Comex Platinum. She outlined the lips with MAC Brick Lip Pencil and a custom color from the Bobbi Brown pro lip palette.  

Camila Alvarez

Hair: For Camila, played by Camila Morrone, there are definite Ali MacGraw vibes. “Camila is a wife, mother, and the heart and soul of the band,” Hennings says. “I saw her as the polar opposite of Daisy. I wanted the audience to fall in love with both of them for different reasons. Daisy is strong and straight-forward and Camila loving and soft.”

Camila Morrone as Camila in Daisy Jones & the Six

To that end, Camila’s hair is a warm, natural, earthy shade of brunette with “the softest wave that was made to look like her hair had just naturally dried that way,” Hennings says.

To give Camila’s straight hair a hint of texture, Hennings used Oribe’s Thick Dry Finishing Spray and either Dyson’s Corrale straightener or T3 Straightening Irons to create a C wave (flicking the iron back and forth for a subtle kink).

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Makeup: “Camila is more grounded than Daisy,” says Rebecca Wachtel. “I wanted Camila to be this natural ’70s beauty who didn’t put too much thought into her makeup,” she says of Camila’s signature tanned skin and rosy flush. “As the years go by, there are a few occasions where we add a soft shadow and liner on her eyes, when she goes out and when she sees the band on tour.”

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For base, Wachtel used the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation and swept the Julie Hewitt Cheekie in Rosie over the bridge of her nose and cheeks. Instead of lipstick, Wachtel filled Camila’s entire lip in with Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillow Talk, topped off with lip balm.

Karen Sirko

Hair: “Before she was famous, it looked as though Karen did her own hair,” MaryAnn Hennings says. “Then when the band started to take off, I went with a cool ’70s vibe: frosty blond highlights, hot rollers, and curtain bangs. Karen was always going to be in a band; it was her passion and life. So she always looked the part.”

Suki Waterhouse as Karen in Daisy Jones & the Six

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Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, Hennings transformed actor Suki Waterhouse’s strands by adding grit and volume using either Sisley Hair Rituel Voluming Spray or Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray while it was still damp. Once dry, she created wavy layers with the T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers.”

Makeup: “Karen comes from the UK and is influenced by the classic styles of Brigitte Bardot as well as early punk vibes,” says Rebecca Wachtel. “She has an edgier look that shifts over the course of the show, yet still within the frame of her signature cat eye.”

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In terms of products, Wachtel used the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 5.5 and little else on Waterhouse’s face to keep the focus on the eyeliner, which is MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline Eyeliner in Blacktrack.

The makeup artist adjusted the eyeliner’s shape and thickness depending on the show’s timeline, and switched between the Viseart Matte Neutral Eyeshadow Palette and pops of blue as the storyline moved towards the ’80s. But rest assured there are always lashings of black Dior mascara. 

“As the show moves into the late ’70s, Karen is essentially trendsetting for what we think of as early ’80s looks and takes on a Debbie Harry feel,” Wachtel says. Karen’s lips also stay neutral throughout with balms and glosses (MAC Glow Play Lip Balm in Sweet Treat and Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom were favorites).

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