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Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s Complete Relationship Timeline

Gold-plated wisdom teeth, more than 70 tattoos, and a lavish $4 million wedding with drama behind the scenes—this love story is one for the books. 

Nepo-baby power couple Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham have what everyone wants. And we’re not just talking about youth, beauty, and generational wealth. It’s clear from the way they constantly gush about one another online and in interviews that mutual obsession is the spark that keeps their whirlwind romance burning bright. 

The 28-year-old heiress and the 24-year-old son of fashion designer Victoria Beckham and soccer legend David Beckham actually met long before they started dating but didn’t hit it off until they crossed paths at a party in 2019. From that moment on they became “inseparable.” Three years later they tied the knot with an extravagant black-tie wedding held at the Peltz family’s estate in Palm Beach, Florida. 

From the fateful night that kicked off their love story to their elegant Palm Beach nuptials, here’s a complete timeline of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s relationship.

April 2017: Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham meet at Coachella through one her brothers, but it was far from love at first sight. “We didn’t get along, we just didn’t click…. I had a boyfriend, he had a girlfriend,” the Transformers star would later tell Tatler. Still, they kept in touch. “We actually met up one time and went to dinner, and he was a friend but not a close friend."

October 2019: Sparks fly when Peltz and Beckham run into each other at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Halloween party. After leaving the bash together, they were photographed enjoying a late-night dinner in Los Angeles. Immediately, dating rumors began to swirl. 

January 2, 2020: Peltz and Beckham make their budding relationship Instagram official when Peltz posts the first of many mirror selfies. And Beckham shares a series of portraits. Their love of photography (and documenting their life together) remains a running theme and shared passion. 

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January 9, 2020: Beckham celebrates Peltz’s 25th birthday on Instagram with another mirror selfie. “Happy birthday babe xx 🎂😘 you have such an amazing heart xx,” he captioned a picture of her kissing his cheek. 

February 25, 2020: The couple makes their first public appearance—in coordinating black ensembles, no less—at the Saint Laurent show during Paris Fashion Week. 

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March 4, 2020: Peltz posts a tender tribute to Beckham for his birthday. “Happy birthday to the love of my life 🤍 you have the most beautiful heart i’ve ever known,” she gushed in the caption. 

April 2020: Following Peltz’s first trip to London to visit Beckham, he decides to book the last seat on her flight back to New York and spend the rest of the pandemic self-isolating with her instead of his family in the Cotswolds. “That’s the moment I knew I never wanted to be separated from her,” Beckham recalled to Vogue Hong Kong years later. 

July 2020: After six months of dating, Beckham and Peltz get engaged; two weeks after proposing, Beckham finally shares the news with his Instagram followers. “Two weeks ago I asked my soulmate to marry me and she said yes,” Brooklyn wrote. “I am the luckiest man in the world. I promise to be the best husband and the best daddy one day ❤️ I love you baby xx.” Peltz shared the same photo on her feed, adding: “You’ve made me the luckiest girl in the world. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side. your love is the most precious gift. I love you so so much baby and thank you harper for this pic 🥰.”

October 29, 2020: Beckham commemorates their one-year anniversary by sharing a portrait of them nestled in a bathtub together. “Happy 1 year anniversary baby,” he wrote. “I’m the luckiest person to have you by my side x I can not wait to grow old with you and start a family with you ❤️ love you so much ❤️❤️.”

March 26, 2021: Forget friendship bracelets! In a gesture that feels very Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, Peltz has her and Beckham’s wisdom teeth made into a set of gold-plated necklaces. “The best gift from my best friend and the most amazing fiancé x I love you like crazy,” Beckham said of the gift on Instagram. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Love you @nicolaannepeltz.” Peltz responded in kind, writing: “My forever boy. I’m so lucky to live life by your side.”

April 5, 2021: On her Instagram Stories, Peltz unveils new ink: a “Brooklyn” back tattoo. Previously, Beckham had Peltz’s late grandmother’s name, Gina, tattooed on his arm for Nicola’s birthday. 

September 13, 2021: The duo walks the Met Gala red carpet together for the first time. For the occasion, Peltz opted for the first dress she tries on: a pink Valentino gown and a pair of opera gloves. Beckham, on the other hand, kept it classic in a black tuxedo. 

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April 4, 2022: According to The Daily Mail, the couple reportedly sign the “mother and father of all prenups” ahead of their nuptials. The legal agreement was not drawn up just to protect Victoria and David Beckham’s estimated $498-million fortune, but also that of Nicola’s father, an investor with an alleged net worth of $1.7 billion dollars.

April 9, 2022: Peltz and Beckham marry in a traditional Jewish ceremony featuring a chuppah bedecked with orchids and an “elevated runway” with “water and floating flowers” on each side. Afterward, the evening flowed into an “elegant black-tie” reception. Per People, almost 600 guests attended, including the likes of Mel C, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Jordana Brewster, Gordon Ramsay, and Eva Longoria, plus Nicola’s parents and seven siblings as well as the entire Beckham clan.

Peltz’s grandmother served as her maid of honor, and Brooklyn’s father, British soccer legend David Beckham, delivered a lengthy speech “about Brooklyn being born, their family life, and how great of a mom Victoria is.” David Blaine reportedly performed during the cocktail hour, and Marc Anthony took over later in the evening on a stage that “literally rotated around.”

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April 18, 2022: Brooklyn changes his Instagram handle to reflect the couple’s decision to take each other’s last names. (Progressive king behavior, if you ask me.) 

May 2, 2022: Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham attend their second Met Gala together, their first as a married couple. A month after their wedding, Nicola graced the red carpet in a hot pink Valentino gown while Brooklyn sported a sheer shirt and a cream suit. “It’s so much fun. Marrying your best mate, it’s the best,” Brooklyn told Vogue at the event. “We feel like we’re on a play date forever,” Nicola chimed in.

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August 2022: Rumors of a feud between Nicola and her new mother-in-law, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, coalesce following Nicola’s decision to wear a Valentino wedding dress instead of one made by her mother-in-law’s fashion label. Speculation soon reached a fever pitch, prompting the newlyweds to address the situation in an interview with Variety. “I was going to [wear Victoria Beckham] and I really wanted to, and then a few months down the line, she realized that her atelier couldn’t do it, so then I had to pick another dress,” Nicola explained. “She didn’t say you can’t wear it; I didn’t say I didn’t want to wear it. That’s where it started, and then they ran with that.” 

“I've learned they’re always going to try to write stuff like that,” Brooklyn added. “They’re always going to try and put people down. But everyone gets along, which is good.”

At the Victoria Beckham spring/summer 2023 runway show

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August 11, 2022: Having already gotten his wedding vows tattooed on his arm in May, Brooklyn surprises his wife with another tribute tattoo: “Married” in script on the side of his left hand. 

September 12, 2022: The Peltz Beckhams walk the cobblestone runway together for Vogue World: New York. Brooklyn was styled in a letterman jacket, jeans, and sneakers. Nicola chose a white tank, chunky boots, and a pair of orange leather pants. 

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October 6, 2022: During an interview for British Vogue’s video series “In the Bag,” Nicola lets slip an adorable anecdote about her husband. “He loves labels in your clothes,” she said. “If you ever see him fiddling in his shirt, it’s because he’s always playing with the label. So, last year for Christmas, I had a suitcase full of them, customized for him... I had cute little notes on them.” The running joke even led the couple to name one of their dogs Label.

October 9, 2022: Six months after their wedding, Brooklyn marks the milestone with a tribute to his bride on Instagram: “6 months with my best friend x wouldn’t choose anyone else to live life with xx love you forever ❤️ you are the absolute love of my life xx,” he wrote in the caption. 

November 7, 2022: Brooklyn speaks to People about newlywed life with Nicola. “I’m really into making fresh homemade pasta right now,” said the aspiring chef. “I cook for [Nicola]. And the big thing that relaxes me is when we just lay in bed with our dogs and watch Love Island. We love it!”

He also talked about expanding his family. “I could have had kids yesterday,” he said. “Obviously it’s my wife’s body, but I’ve always wanted to have a bunch of kids around. That’s something I really want to do. And my dad was young when he had me. He was 23. And I’m 23 now. I’ve always wanted to be a young dad.”


December 31, 2022: The Peltz Beckhams jet off to Los Cabos, Mexico, to ring in the new year with Selena Gomez and friends. It’s unclear how and when exactly the three became besties, but in a photo dump from the trip, Gomez declares them a “throuple.” Nicola and Gomez even wear matching Valentino minidresses with personalized tags on New Year’s Eve, with matching cursive “angel” tattoos scrawled across their forearms. 

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February 22, 2023: Adding to his collection of 70-something tattoos in Nicola’s honor, including a drawing of her eyes on the back of his neck, Brooklyn proudly debuts a new portrait of his wife on his upper arm. “I’m half-covered with stuff for her,” Brooklyn told The Rundown’s Erin Lim, lifting the sleeve of his shirt to show off the fresh ink. “They’re very addictive. Especially when you love someone, you just want to cover everything.”

February 24, 2023: Somehow we’re still gossiping about the Peltz Beckhams’ wedding almost a year after it took place. Here’s why: In December 2022, Nelson Peltz—Nicola’s billionaire father—filed a lawsuit against two of the wedding planners who were briefly hired to take over the project after another set of planners were let go. (In total the couple would end up going through three sets of planners to get the job done.) In Nelson’s filing, he accuses event planners Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba of failing to return a $159,000 deposit after they were abruptly fired. Notably, Braghin and Grijalba of Plan Design Events were hired a mere six weeks out from the bride and groom’s wedding date—and on the job for only nine days before getting the axe. 

Now, Braghin and Grijalba have filed a countersuit seeking damages. And in documents obtained by People, several cups of piping hot tea about the Peltz Beckhams’ wedding are served. A central point of contention seems to be the way Nicola and her family treated the planners, even asking them to withhold information about wedding spending from Nicola’s father. 

“It is believed that Nelson Peltz paid more than $100,000 plus travel expenses for Nicola’s hair and makeup services for the wedding,” the suit reads. “Claudia [Nicola’s mother] mentioned to [one of the planners] that Nelson could not know the cost of the hair and makeup, or he would ‘kill her, and be so mad.’”

The planners also cite near constant changes to the guest list for Nicola’s side of the family and a great desire on the Peltzes’ part to hide the messiness of the planning process from the Beckhams. In one of hundreds of texts presented in the suit, Nicola allegedly told the planners: “This is not what I asked for. I ASKED FOR OUR INVITE LIST. IN. VITE. NOT. RSVP. Can u manage to send that to me.” At one point Nelson reportedly threatened to cancel the wedding, dubbing it a “shit show.” But according to Braghin and Grijalba, Claudia intervened and “begged Nelson not to cancel the wedding because it would ‘destroy Nicola’s career.’”

Among other juicy, but less sordid, details from the suit, there’s an anecdote wherein Brooklyn suggests adding his-and-her burgers to the catering menu. “We should do a brooklyn burger,” the groom allegedly wrote. “Like double or single burger and a nicola burger witch is no bun and it’s lettuce instead of Bun and meat for the girls.” In another missive, Brooklyn instructs the planners to “ask the security at the wedding to get those guns that shoots a net because there’s probably gonna be drones.”

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